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Turakhia brothers economic times forex

I have been trading with xm. After turakhia brothers economic times forex announced they will be lowering their leverage to 30 I started looking for other brokers.

Was trading so well until they just freezed my account. Have even tried emailing them no reply. 3 900 was deducted from MY account because my brother and I use one wifi. They keep saying the IP address is the same, of course it’ll be the same! Hello Chips – would you be so kind as to clarify which bonus you are referring to? Meaning the people we chat to on fbs are fake? Because they reply on us on the chat?

Meaning we giving our information to fake people? How you allowed so much fake news to trend like this? Please provide your account number and I’ll be happy to check on your claim. Can you provide us with some more details what happened? Please provide your account number so that we may be able to help you.

2 sided copy of my credit card. How can i do this blunder? The scan of CC is required for withdrawal if you made the deposit with a CC – also only the first 6 digit and last 4 need to be visible. This process is to ensure client and funds safety. I tried to complain, without success only people talking in chats that doesn’t solve problems. Have no ombusdman and support area, only attendant.

Can you provide us with your account number please? We will be happy to check on this or you. Please do provide your account number and I’ll be happy to check for you. I was helping my brother trade through my smart phone. What if there is only one smart phone?

Do you mean they removed all your money just because you logged into another account? Hello Sifiso, it sounds like you are referring to a bonus violation. May we have the account number to check please? Firstly, deducted funds were “bonus” funds, due to the violation of bonus conditions. Please kindly read full promotional details in your personal area.

Until now FBS still my best broker. I started to trade with FBS when the regulations changed in Turkey. I especially liked leverage rates and order speed. My review of FBS broker in a couple of words. Personally, I highly appreciate the work of this broker. It is reliable and has a platform that is pleasant to work with.