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Will installing cavity wall insulation devalue my home? I’m looking at building a benefits package pound wise forex my workers: What should I focus on, and will it really make a difference for attracting talent? MARKET REPORT: Merger talks between engineer Smiths Group and U. Money Morals: Should I ‘bribe’ my kids to do their chores with extra pocket money?

THE PRUDENT INVESTOR: My wife wanted a bigger kitchen, so I sold at the worst moment possible! It also found that two Cardiff branches just over three miles apart also gave different rates. Britons exchanging holiday cash at the Post Office may face a postcode lottery as pound to euro and pound to dollar exchange rates were found to vary across branches, a rival’s investigation has claimed. Fallen in love with your holiday destination this summer?

It also found that two branches just over three miles apart also gave different rates. A spokesperson for the Post Office said: ‘We offer a highly competitive standard rate for all online currency purchases and the convenience of either home or branch delivery for all our customers wherever they live. 1000 and weekly special deals on specific currencies. The vast majority of the Post Office’s 11,600 branches offer the same exchange rates on all currencies. However, in around 500 of our branches, in areas where several foreign currency providers compete with each other within close proximity, we have made some small adjustments to the rates offered to ensure our customers continue to get the best possible deal.