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For a full list of free US DNS codes, click here. How to Okpay forex Your DNS On Any Device! Instructions on how to change your DNS for any device or platform! Phones, PCs, Android devices, set-top boxes, smart TVs, and more!

I can’t change to American Netflix as I’m not connected to wifi I only use my mobile data to watch Netflix, is there a way to resolve this? Would have been nice to see instructions for smart TVs and DVD players. Lots of people don’t have gaming consoles. Roku is becoming popular, so can someone tell how to configure the DNS on this box? How do i get my laptop to give me the American Netflix rather than the Canadian one? It shows how to do it on everything other than basic laptops.

It won’t let me play any of the shows it just keeps saying the title isn’t available after showing the show what do I do? You will have to change your DNS. What DNS do I put in there? When I fill all the info it needs in unblock, it says my email cant be verified. There is a possibility of replenishment in USD RUB UAH PLN cards with a visa and a master card.