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Investasi forex bagi hasil syariah

This is because the primary function of banks as investasi forex bagi hasil syariah financial intermediary, it  which collect public funds in the form of savings and channel them back to the community in the form of loans or financing. So that its presence is expected to meet the funding requirements for the state and the community to support the course of the process of national development.

Bank Islam or more popular with the terms of Bank Sharia evolved in recent years. Like for example in Indonesia Act which expressly recognizes the existence of Islamic banks there is a new 1998 although it has not touched on the technical and operational level. SME sectors are struggling in the real sector. In addition, the institution of zakat from Islamic Bank will increase its role as an institution of local society. So according to the opinion of the writer, Islamic banks both in terms of business or socially is a best solution for the advancement of the national economy based on the real sector, which is the root of the national economy. Penyusutan aktiva tetap menggunakan metode garis lurus dengan tarif 12.